Hi! I'm Katey. I'm a 30-something, crafter, traveler, wannabe cartographer, beer lover, and maker of ridiculous recipes. I'm originally from North Carolina, have spent much of my adult life in Grand Canyon National Park, and just recently relocated to Denver, CO.

I started crocheting in high school, but I've always loved crafting of all persuasions. Sewing, painting, origami, photography, gift wrapping, etc -- I love it all.

The Worsted really began in the winter of '14/'15, when I was working at a remote gift shop in the Grand Canyon. Business was incredibly slow and we had plenty of time to entertain ourselves throughout the day. So I began bringing crochet projects to work, and soon enough, friends started asking me to make them different things. And thus, The Worsted was born.

I'm not terribly systematic with my creative process -- I generally make things that I would want and would wear. I buy yarn based on what inspires me. I tend to not make too many duplicate items, outside of a few select favorites. Instead, I prefer to be constantly creating new items, with new ideas, from new inspirations. Colors and styles will often change with the seasons, because really, as people, so do we!

My passion is custom orders -- since most everything I create is new, it's very easy to tweak projects to customers exact wishes and specifications, and I really love being able to give customers exactly what they've been dreaming of.

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